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washing and sterilizing equipment

ICOS Machine parts and Glassware Washer

Icos machine parts and  Glassware washer  and
Icos washing machine

Washing, disinfecting, and drying of pharmaceutical product; such as glassware, pipettes, machine parts, tanks, glass bottles, and machine press machine tooling




Icos Glassware washer chamber is entirely made in stainless steel AISI 316L, corrosion proof, of rectangular cross section. Self cleaning chamber with rounded edges.


Icos Glassware washer Machine body equipped with the connections required for the validation tests


All the connection of the body are of sanitary type.


Machine body supported by a frame designed for a suitable load distribution on the floor.


Chamber inside surface, tubing, baskets and all parts in contact with the product polished to a degree of roughness 0.5 micron (20 micro-inches).

Unloading door equipped with system of interfacing with clean environments (Bio-seal frame).


 ICOS Series ML is the right answer for your equipment washer needs. Both our glassware washer and equipment are designed according FDA requirements


Icos Glassware washer and equipment washer are designed with Washing and disinfection cycle
 with warm water up to 95C, and with a Drying program with range from 80 C to 120 C.
Icos equipment  are fully validatable and executed in full compliance with cGMP, cGAMP, 
FDA and 21 CFR Part 11.


Icos manufactures also a line of Glassware washer and equipment washers for the washing needs of R&D labs and hospitals



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