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ICOS Sterilizing Autoclaves

ICOS manufactures scores of standard sized of Pharmaceutical production and laboratory Steam, Air/Steam mixture, Superheated Water, autoclave sterilizer, ranging from 150 liters (5.3 cu.ft) to 7,000 liters (141 cu.ft.).

All steam sterilization autoclaves built by ICOS meet or exceed the latest cGMP requirements.  Aside from the standard models, ICOS is capable of manufacturing customized autoclave sterilizer which can satisfy any particular requirements, regarding the chamber size, performance, level of automation, etc.  

Here is an example of ICOS'
steam sterilization autoclave capabilities: although the superheated water and air/steam mixture autoclave sterilizers are highly specialized units, ICOS is able to manufacture an autoclave which can combine one of these two special cycles with the conventional steam sterilization cycle. Furthermore, ICOS can even combine all of the three cycles mentioned above (steam, superheated water, and air/steam mixture sterilization) in one single unit.


 Below are just a few of our steam sterilizer autoclaves features:


·         The chamber and the door(s) of a standard steam sterilizer autoclave are polished to a roughness average (RA) < 20 micro inches which exceeds the industry standard.

·         Excellent steam distribution.  All of our customers, during validation have achieved temperature deviation not exceeding 0.2 C.

·         The Sterilization Autoclaves are supplied with full jacket which is dimple welded to the chamber, unlike continuous channels used by other manufacturers.

·         The door frames of the autoclave sterilizers are built in solid 316LSS. The door frames are manufactured with a dovetail shaped groove for the door sealing gasket.  The door is sealed by pressurizing the gasket by sterile air or pure steam.  The gasket of the steam sterilization autoclave is retracted into the groove when the pressurization is excluded without the need of pulling vacuum.  

·         There are five different types of door systems available for the ICOS steam sterilizer autoclaves, which can satisfy any and all particular requirements.  The most used and the least expensive is the sliding door with its unique sealing system, which guarantees a long gasket life.  

·         Opening/closing of the door of our steam sterilizer autoclaves is done by a purely heavy-duty mechanical system consisting of a knuckled threaded screw and nut. 

·         All of the pipe work of the sterilization autoclave except for the instrument air is built in 316 L SS.

·         The entire framework of the steam sterilization autoclave is built in tubular 304 SS.

·         The sterilization autoclaves are enclosed with removable panels with built in access doors 304 SS, having 180 grit (RA 36-45 micro inches) satin finished.

·         The sterilizer autoclaves are customized for the worldwide marketplace by using readily available components and preferred components with a worldwide network of distributors.

·         All of the components of the autoclave sterilizers which are in direct contact or may be in direct contact with the sterile side during normal operation or maintenance, are built in SS.  There is not a single part used that is made of carbon steel, cast iron, bronze, brass, etc., which can be seen in some of our competitors autoclaves.

·         All standard ICOS steam sterilizer autoclave can be supplied with 21 CFR part 11 compliant control systems.

All standard ICOS steam sterilization autoclave are provided with Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC, industrial grade PC and real time printer (Ifix platform available).