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washing and sterilizing equipment
Nicos Group, inc., with headquarters in Norwood NJ,  proudly offer to the US, Canada and Puerto Rico pharmaceutical and healthcare industries the pharmaceutical process equipment manufactured by ICOS impianti Group Spa.
ICOS Impianti, with headquarters in the area north east of Venice, Italy, is designing and manufacturing pharmaceutical washing and process equipment since the early 80's supplying the most important pharmaceutical companies in the US and worldwide. 
Attention to the little details, unique technical design features, prompt and proactive after sales service, are few of the reasons of the wide success of both Nicos and ICOS Pharmaceutical washing equipment in the very demanding US Pharmaceutical industry. 
All ICOS washing and sterilizing pharmaceutical process equipment far exceed GMP requirements. 
We will work with you through the entire project: from the quoting stage to the qualification and validation process the Nicos staff is at your disposal for any support you may need for your sterilizing and washing pharmaceutical equipment. 
Nicos Group Inc and ICOS Impianti are the right answer for your pharmaceutical process equipment and your needs.
If your project involves a steam sterilizer, a pharmaceutical equipment washer, or a stopper washer,  give us a call: you will soon discover the outstanding quality of the ICOS line of Pharmaceutical equipment
ICOS : let us surprise you with our Pharmaceutical washing equipment and with our Pharmaceutical process equipment!
Pharmaceutical process equipment pharmaceutical  equipmetn washng
The Icos line of pharmaceutical equipment

For the Northamerican marketplace, spare parts supply and after sales service for the Icos washing and sterilizing pharmaceutical process equipment is performed out of our Norwood, NJ facility. Contact us  at 201 768 9501 or at